18months - 3yrs
10:00 ~ 14:00
Minimum 3 days

Our goal is to help children separate from parents and transition easily into a school environment by creating a warm, nurturing, and inviting setting.
Our class is designed to introduce your little ones to their first academic experience.

Our small class sizes allow us to ensure each child receives the care, attention, and support needed as they learn how to interact in the classroom environment and with peers. Emphasis is placed on social interaction with age-appropriate activities and themes that are fun and stimulating.
We provide opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through 'sensory play' which is crucial to brain development.
It helps to build nerve connections in the brain's pathways.


Class Schedule 10:00:Arrival/Learning Center 10:30:Circle Time/Calendar/Music/Phonics 11:00:Gross Motor/Park 12:00:Lunch 13:00:Art/Music/Language 14:00:Good Bye



K3 : 3 - 4yrs, K4 : 4 - 5yrs,
K5 : 5 - 6yrs
9:00 ~ 14:30
5 days

K3 Pre-Kinder
(3 - 4yrs)

The program for our 3 to 4-year-old classes incorporates child-centered activities, teacher - leading activities, and group activities. It is based on a specialized thematic curriculum featuring STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and Math)
Our program gives children the opportunity to learn and practice new skills and choices to become independent and take responsibility for their learning. We would like our K3 to be exposed to many thematic learnings.

We aim to have our K3 be able to say their alphabet, identify upper and lower case letters, and know their sounds (phonics). Our K3 can count and understand the values of those numbers and the basic concept of math. Our curriculum considers the different development levels and needs of each child. We realize how important it is for children to learn through play, because of this we strive to provide a mixture of group and individual activities to create an inviting and exciting classroom environment. We have developed an original approach to language acquisition which helps our students become Biliterate. Our goal is to make each day a successful and positive experience for each child.

K3 年少 (3-4歳)


K4 Junior-Kinder
(4 - 5yrs)

The Junior Kinder program aims to help students develop the academic, emotional, and social skills that they will need to successfully transition to Senior Kindergarten. Through experiential learning and the use of developmentally appropriate manipulatives, students are introduced to important literacy, mathematical and problem solving skills.

Our goal is to provide a curriculum that will give each child a strong foundation for their learning. We have developed a year-long program where each monthly theme is linked to the next in order to give our students the opportunity to build upon previous knowledge and continue to progress in their intellectual, physical, and social development. Our curriculum is adapted to match the developmental needs of each child at each particular stage in their natural development.

The program also incorporates STEAM, science, technology, engineering, art and math, in addition to gross motor skills. Learning centers are areas within the classroom each with their own special focus (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc) that the children are free to choose from, this gives each child the independence to decide a part of their own learning experience each day.

The program is offered in a very hands-on method that serves to enhance a child's learning experience. K4 learn phonics, sight words, family words, and simple reading. We also cover logic/math smart, numerals, odd and even numbers, measurements, patterns, addition, and subtraction. NWIS offers activities and choices that stimulate a child's sense of curiosity. We strive for a well-measured balance of play, discovery, and participation to be blended into our day for maximum learning.

K4 年中 (4-5歳)



K5 Senior-Kinder
(5 - 6yrs)

The Kindergarten program at NWIS is a one-of-a-kind, superior program. During their kindergarten years, children are at the Pre-logical Thinking Stage of their development and we aim to help them fully develop five important abilities: Observation, Assumption, Logical Thinking, and their English. Here at NWIS we consider kindergarten to be a place where children are preparing for International Elementary School and as such, we place a lot of emphasis on helping our Kindergarteners to acquire the necessary skills to enter this next stage of their educational career. Our program is based on Project-based learning, which develops 21st-century skills; Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.

Through our PBL, our Kindergarteners will be exposed to STEAM learning. We teach our Kindergarteners to recognize basic sight words and help them to read simple books. We encourage the development of their oral language and fluency through storytelling and reading. Our mathematics program is an exciting world of addition, subtraction, geometry, understanding the value of money, telling time, and measurement. When children graduate from our Kindergarten class, we hope they leave feeling confident, intellectually curious, physically fit, and aware of how they affect the people and the environment that they inhabit. We believe their experience at NWIS will be their life-long skills.

K5 年長 (5-6歳)



インターナショナルスクールへの入学準備(十分な英語力、自己を肯定する気持ち、丈夫な体と、学びたい意欲を持つ)を整えて卒園していきます。 卒園児の半数以上が海外の学校、インターナショナルスクール、国際小学校などへ進学しています。
日本の私立、公立小学校へ進学した子どもたちは当スクールのBiliteracy Program で英語での教育を継続しています。

Class Schedule 9:00:Arrival/Choice Time 10:00:Circle Time 10:30:Language/Math 11:00:Thematic Learning/Art/STEAM/PE/Music 12:00:Lunch 13:00:Gross Motor/Park 14:30:Good Bye


Extended Daycare Programs 8:00 - 19:00 延長保育

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    Early Drop Off

    Early drop off and/or extended day programs are available from 8:00am to 7:00pm.
    Our early morning drop off program is designed for those parents who need care for their children before the start of our day, which begins at 9:00am. With the program you are able to bring your child to school as early as 8:00am.



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    Extended Day

    Our extended day program is an extension to our full day program that is available as late as 7:00pm. During this time the Kindergarten children are engaged in a variety of planned activities and the preschool children are supervised by our teaching staff. It is a fun-filled afternoon that your child will surely enjoy!



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    Days Off

    Playschool Program

    The playshool program offers child care on scheduled school closure days. Only families registered by the beginning of the term may attend.
    Programs are different from the regular class and caregivers might be different from the regular staff. All of our Preschool, Kindergarten students and the graduates are welcome.
    For more details, please call us.