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Welcome to NWIS' website.

Here at NWIS we believe that each and every child has infinite possibilities for their future. We would like to provide the best for your child, helping them to think for themselves, to be confident, and to achieve their goals intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. NWIS is the school where all of these opportunities come together.

Here at NWIS we believe that each and every child has infinite possibilities for their future.

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主な進学先、合格した学校,ASIJ, AISJ, IISJ, Seisen Int'l School, Nishimachi Int'l School, Jingumae Exchange School, LCA Int'l School, Little Angel Int'l School, 玉川学園大学付属小学校など。






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We ask parents!保護者の方へ、NWISに通っていただいてのアンケートやインタビューをさせていただきました。

Testimonials 卒園生、在園生の保護者の方から

About our graduates

More than 80% of our graduates will either go on to attend school abroad or choose to attend an international school within Japan. Our graduates have accomplished great things in both their academic career and in their chosen extracurricular activities.They have performed in plays, been recognized in science fair competitions, and won awards in LCA's speech contests.

They build on the experiences and knowledge they have gained here at NWIS and go on to excel wonderfully at the next level. Even those who go on to attend school abroad have been highly praised by their teachers for their phonics abilities and reading skills.

Our graduates go on to excel with their reading skills all through elementary school./Our graduates won awards in LCA's speech contests.

There are also many students who, even though they attend Japanese elementary school, they are able to keep up on the English they have learned through our Book Club and after school programs. Even those students who are only surrounded by Japanese in their daily lives and begin to lose their confidence in English, through these programs they have been able to continue to grow with their reading skills. Our graduates, because they come to enjoy reading so much, have been able to read at a level beyond their grade in school. One of our graduates, now in 3rd grade, is blazing through tough books like Harry Potter and books by Stephen Hawking. By continuing to read books in English, our graduates that are now attending Japanese schools will be able to retain their English comprehension skills so that when they are once again exposed to an English environment they will begin speaking again much more quickly.

The following is a list of our graduate's most popular school choices.

ASIJ, AISJ, IISJ, Seisen Int'l School, Nishimachi Int'l School, Jingumae Exchange School, LCA International School, Little Angel Int'l School, K international school, Tamagawa-gakuen Elementary School, Myojo-gakuen Elementary School, Seijo-gakuen Elementary School, Caritas-gakuen Elementary School, etc.

Prospective students

We accept new students twice a year, in April and in September. Although our availability is more limited in September. However, we do also accept consultations during the school year. In the event you wish to transfer into our school we are willing to accept throughout the year.

For those wishing to enter in April, we will start the application process and interviews in November. However, we do accept reservations for our waiting list at any time.

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New World International School 卒園生の80%以上が海外の学校や日本のインターナショナルスクールへ進学しています。

日本の私立、公立小学校へ進学した子どもたちはNWISのBiliteracy Class に引き続き通い英語力をキープしています。Biliteracy Class はインターナショナルプリスクールなどを卒園した子どもたちが英語での教育を続けていくプログラムで、アメリカの小学校のカリキュラムを採用しています。英語だけでなく、様々な教科を英語で学びます。


日常の生活が日本語になってしまうと英語を話すスキルは少しずつ落ちてしまうお子様もいらっしゃいますが、リーディング力は反対に伸びてゆきます。 卒園生は本を読み続け、学年相当レベルの本が英語で読めるようになって、英語読書を楽しんでいます。3年生にしてハリーポッターやホーキンスなどを原書で読んでいる子もいます。英語を読んで理解しているということは、環境が整えばまたすぐに話すスキルも戻ってくるでしょう。


ASIJ, AISJ, IISJ, Seisen Int'l School, Nishimachi Int'l School, Jingumae Exchange School, LCA International School, Little Angel Int'l School、K international school、玉川学園大学附属小学校、明星学園小学校、成城学園、カリタス学園 など
他 フランス、ベトナム、ニュージーランドなどへの海外進学、イギリス、カナダ、アメリカ留学等




NWIS Fully Supports it’s Working Parents!

To our working Mommies and Daddies,

Even while working as the principal of NWIS, I too am raising 3 children of my own. In order to give my children the kind of education I wished for them I have had to balance work and childcare with the help of everything from hourly daycare, to babysitters, to child drop-off services, to relying on my own parents to be there when I could not.
When raising a child, it is a parent's hope that their child will receive loving care from familiar people in a familiar place. With this thought in mind I have been thinking of ways to fully support our NWIS working parents.

For those who had been wishing to give their child an international education but could not before due to work, it is our hope that they will feel relieved to have finally found a school with extended daycare hours and that will expose their little one to a program that is created with a child's development firmly in mind.
We are striving to create the kind of daycare environment that feels like home with the kind of educational program that will support your child's growth while waiting for Mommy or Daddy to pick them up. Our goal is not just to provide daycare services but to give your child a caring environment with our bilingual teaching staff during after school hours.

At NWIS we fully support our working Mommies and Daddies.
Extended day programs 延長保育
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Extended day programs 延長保育
バイリテラシーとは? What's Biliteracy?
  • Testimonials 卒園生、在園生の保護者の方から
  • お母さまのまことさん 興味があるから自然と学んじゃうんですね。
  • 卒園生のYuiさん NWIS卒園後、英語で授業をする小学校へ進学。
  • お母さまのあやこさん NWISのカリキュラムの質がすごく良いからですね。
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