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NWIS is an international pre-school for students aged two to six years old. NWIS(ニューワールドインターナショナルスクール)は2~6才のお子様を対象としたインターナショナル プリスクールです。

The school was founded in 1999 to cater to students from nations around the world.
NWIS' goals are to spark and culture a child's sense of curiosity for learning, to promote understanding of one's own body, and to create opportunities for understanding their impact on the world around them.


NWIS Fully Supports it's Working Parents!ワーキングペアレンツを強力にサポート!

NWIS Fully Supports it's working Parents!ワーキングペアレンツを強力にサポート!

Extended day programs 延長保育 8:00-19:00

We are striving to create the kind of daycare environment that feels like home with the kind of educational program that will support your child's growth while waiting for Mommy or Daddy to pick them up.


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Programs Now Accepting 現在受付中のプログラム

Pre-Preschool (18months-3yrs)  プリプリスクール(18ヶ月~3歳) This program is meant to introduce children to their first experience at school if they are not yet ready to enjoy our full four hour Ladybug program.
Waiting list ウェイティングリスト
Preschool(18months-3yrs)  プリスクール(18ヶ月~3歳) Emphasis is placed on social interaction with age appropriate activities and themes that are fun and stimulating.
Waiting list ウェイティングリスト
Kindergarten(3yrs-6yrs)  キンダーガーテン(3歳~6歳) During their kindergarten years, children are at the Pre-logical Thinking Stage of their development and we aim to help them fully develop four important abilities: Observation, Assumption, Logical Thinking and their English.
Now accepting applicants! 受付中!
After School (10months-12yrs)  アフタースクール(10ヶ月~12歳) We provide a wide range of classes for children from baby to 12 years old including Mom and Tot, Ballet, and Musical Class.
Now accepting applicants! 受付中!
Special Courses Spring/Summer/Winter スペシャルコース 春/夏/冬 During those long school vacations we offer a number of one-week-long courses.
Now accepting applicants! 受付中!
Short Term Programs 短期間受け入れ We accept children from overseas to stay in Japan for short term, or children who come back to Japan for a long holiday, or children who go to a different international school in Japan, and are having a long break.
Now accepting applicants! 受付中!


バイリテラシーとは? What's Biliteracy?
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American College of Musicians / National Guild of Piano Teachers 米国ピアノ教師NPO ACM米国立鍵盤教育部所属

American College of Musicians / National Guild of Piano Teachers
米国ピアノ教師NPO ACM米国立鍵盤教育部所属